My name is Charissa Graves, and photography is the way I’ve chosen to communicate with the world. As someone who’s always wanted to be a better speaker than I am, it only seemed fitting to use a visual medium to express what could never come across through words, but my hands have never been coordinated enough for me to be an artist either. After becoming exasperated by my own lack of expertise in other fields, I started taking photos for events at my school and church, and became obsessed. I started to realize just how fascinating humanity is, and that to capture even a glimpse of it, is something more special than what I can put into words. My goal will always be to constantly improve because I choose to believe that through photography, I might just be able to make a difference.

“I still regard myself as an amateur today and I hope that’s what I’ll stay until the end of my life. Because I’m forever a beginner who discovers the world again and again.” – André Kertész

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